How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Student

Writing a recommendation letter for a student is one of the teachers’ joy.

Nothing is as exciting as penning down a letter that will get the student admission into top college or university. One day, you will encounter an assignment that requires you to write a recommendation letter. Perhaps, you may be needing one right now. Well, these are some of the critical things you should focus on in your recommendation letter:

  • Use a polite and enthusiastic tone in the letter
  • The strengths of the student should be relevant to the university faculty of interest
  • It should capture the personal traits and academic potential of the student. Notably, portray the applicant as real and personable individuals

Customize the letter to show how the applicant meets the criteria desired by the     

  • institution

Sometimes, applicants may be seeking an opportunity for some sponsorship for financial upkeep. Applying for such opportunities requires a brilliant application letter because tuition fees are expensive, and scholarship may be the only way out. For such letters, always certify it portrays the students as needy as you can. Besides, focus on the following:

Read and understand the requirements for the sponsorship while giving attention     

  • to the particulars like qualities
  • Demonstrate why the student fulfills all the criteria for awarding that scholarship
  • Show that the applicant not only deserves it but need it


Mostly, this type of letter may be the determining factor if a candidate gets the opportunity or not. Take your time and interrogate the student for any information that will give them an upper hand. Also, consider writing the recommendation as a volunteer job rather than an obligation.

The Basic Guidelines for Writing a Recommendation Letter

Now you have grasped a few things about creating a compelling recommendation letter. The guidelines below are also important because you will need them whenever you create this type of letter:Â  

  • Seek information on academic qualifications from the student- There is no better way to get relevant information other than asking the applicant. You can ask about academic achievements, extracurricular activities, institution details, and so on.
  • Address the letter accordingly- Supposed you were to email the letter; use appropriate address guarantees it gets to the right destination besides looking personalized. For instance, the letterhead should indicate the receiver’s name or department. However, keep it general if the applicant is interested in many institutions or opportunities. 
  • Introduce yourself and show your qualifications- The employer or admitting institution will get the face value of the candidate if you present valid credentials. Introduce yourself at the start and indicate why you are the responsible authority on behalf of the student.
  • Show some scholarly association with student- It is important to mention the period you have known the applicant and at what capacity. If possible, describe your role in their education journey and what you like about the student.

Finally, remember always to feature the candidate’s accreditations with examples. Many companies need employees who are dynamic and able to benefit their enterprise. sites that write essays for you Also, the admission of the institution would love to see if the individual will join clubs and support the school prosper other than academics. Therefore, show different ways they will benefit the entity.