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Now Every student knows how hard it is to write a customer paper that will be unique and well graded by the professor.В The use of the online academic essay writing services makes the job easier and the student can continue his studies and then build his successful career. Whatever decision you make, buy your essay or get the essay editing or proofreading services, В we want to offer you some tips that will help you to improve your writing:

Its better to use a full form of the word in the academic, formal and business type of writings.Avoid There is/There are. When we write we want to write our ideas clearly and concise. We dont want long sentences, we want them to be to the point.В There is/There are are the words we just dont need. By getting rid of these constructions your sentences are becoming stronger.Dont use words such as really, very, a lot, so. Such words weaken your writing. For example, Many students think studying at the university is very hard. Instead of using this phrase its better to use Many students think studying at the university is difficult.Come up with a stronger word for it.

Sentence Structure

If you take the sciences courses, its okay to use the Passive Voice but dont use it too much. If you are studying humanities, social science, history, psychology, etc. do not use the Passive Voice. In most university writings guidelines, we use Active Voice because we want strong sentences accents. It gives us more direct, economical approach to making a statement in a sentence.

Two common tenses are: the present tense and the past tense. The most important thing with tense is consistency. If you open your piece of writing in present you are going to carry on that present tense throughout all the way to the end. When we shift tenses it might be very confusing to the reader.. So if you go through your writing to proofread it and you just look for the tense issues, you can make your essay nice and consistent.

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The Use of Strong Verbs

Lets look at the examples below:

weak verb: He gave assistance to my friend.

strong verb: He assisted my friend.

weak verb: made an objection

strong verb: objected

Anytime you have a verb and a noun. And you look at the noun and it could be its own verb, use it in the verbal form instead. Writing successfully takes practice. Its very easy to convince ourselves that we are not good at it or it isnt worth of our time. Just never stop trying, and you will succeed .